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Yano - Profile Picture

Leadership Development

Yanos Michopoulos

Yanos has 30 years of senior business management experience in functional, regional and global roles in various industry sectors.

He has run large P&Ls (1+ bl USD), managed complex KPIs and led large, high performance teams distributed across many locations, countries and cultures. He reached the top 1% of large corporates (Shell, Vestas), led public companies (e.g. CEO of Greek Railway Operating company) and is currently holding several non-executive Directorships.

He is also a Leadership development tutor working with the Institute of Directors, various Business Schools and in-company programmes. He has trained more than 1000 executives, achieving very high satisfaction scores (+90%). He gained his BSc in Physics at Athens University (Greece) and his PhD at Durham University (UK) and started his career as a Professor at Universities in the UK and Austria.


Life Coach & Director

Sarin Vali-machoment

Sarin is a life coach and a Director of Epiphany Enterprises. She has coached many international clients and provides professional, cultural, and transitional coaching. Her life and work have been hugely influenced by travel, multi-cultural environments and working with people from diverse backgrounds.

She thrives on the challenges of sifting through the "maze" of life and helping people to reach their full potential – personally and professionally. She thinks of herself as a “fruitionist”, i.e. working hard with clients to bring dreams and ambitions into realistic “fruition”.

She’s a de-stressor, combining democratic and holistic methodology with well-placed purposeful questions to get to the core of the matter and achieve direction and clarity. She takes pride in being mindful and aware. She has worked in marketing, sales and advertising, across Europe and Africa. 

Her certifications include accreditations in:

  • The Science of Wellbeing (Yale University);
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance (Onash University); 
  • Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner (Kain Ramsay & Achology Ltd)