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Perceive, Comprehend, Deliver

In 2014 a senior business executive and an experienced life coach had an epiphany!

While discussing the knowledge and experience they had each gained in their respective industries, they realised there was a need for whole new model of professional development training. 

From this evolved Epiphany Enterprises’ “whole person” approach which underpins our delivery to this day.

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Whole Person Development Programmes

Our “whole person” approach is focused on developing both the hard and the soft skills within our mentoring, coaching and leadership programmes.

What we’ve observed is how powerful this approach can be.  The positive impact on the client typically causes a large ripple effect; one that can be felt by the client’s team members, their organisation and even across their personal lives!

How We Work

We start by identifying the business goals of each client’s organization, reviewing their career to date, clarifying their aspirations and recognising their perceived challenges.

This helps our clients develop a fully rounded perspective about not just their personal employment situation, but also that of their team, their organization, and life outside work. Having understood all this, our clients are well-equipped to tackle them, using the tools we provide them with to deal with their particular circumstances productively and successfully.

We aim to help all our clients quickly reach this point through a rapid shift in behaviour.

It’s more than just training; it’s personal development that is impactful, passionate and cognizant.

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