Epiphany Enterprises' Testimonials

“Sarin’s thinking is clear and relevant. I wanted help in finishing personal writing projects that had been on the go for far too long.

“Sarin helped me see how I could carve out the time. I often ask myself the same pertinent questions as she did. They really do help me stay focused.”
Greer Glover
/ Freelance writer, greerglover.co.uk
“Great stories, good act, good slides, most engaging! Great story telling to bring it to life - fun too! Really enjoyed the course. Lots of examples and tools that made it easy to see how they can be applied back in the business. Many thanks for an interesting and enlightening course, well presented! Great stories and anecdotes. A very relevant course well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by all delegates. Greater course leader. Engaged the whole class, made the course very interesting with his stories"
Various Directors
/ Costain Group
"Great training. Yanos is an excellent communicator, very professional and informative. He presented a very enjoyable training, an inspiring learning experience"
Erion Osmanaj
/ Head of HR, OSHEE
“Sarin is an encouraging, thoughtful and inspirational coach!“I was coached through a difficult transitional period in my personal and professional life. The experience empowered me to adapt and amply my skills to on a new path with confidence and purpose”
Kerry Appel
/ Service Account Manager, Instron
"Yanos has always been willing to volunteer his time in supporting the younger generations in the Greek Energy Forum through one-to-one coaching but also through seminars and lectures and he is a master in delivering his messages with impact"
Dr Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis
/ Digital & zero carbon energy innovation, bp and President, Greek Energy Forum
“A very well delivered and engaging workshop. Yanos was very mindful of the desired outcomes and ensured appropriate focus on the relevant issues"
Sarah Bailey
/ HR Director, Baxi Heating
“Sarin, my life coach, after many interactive discussions regarding my career and personal challenges, cultivated the necessary seeds inside of me that helped me to construct a plan with clear action steps whilst allowing me to overcome any internal obstacles.

“I firmly believe this would not have happened, if Sarin had not guided me and shown me how to (a) view my obstacles from a different perspective, (b) sort through them and structure them constructively and (c) fearlessly tackle each hurdle in such a way as to ensure a favourable outcome. Last but not least with Sarin by my side I was confident and comfortable enough to both stretch and expose myself outside of my comfort zone."
Panos Mavroeidis-Kamperis
/ Trading Analyst
"A great thank you for your contribution and collaboration. My expectations are always set high, and I am grateful to you for being able to navigate all our expectations. Thank you again for your hard work and for keeping the standards high"
Marianthi Scaloumbaka
/ HR, ACWA Power, UAE
"We had the opportunity to invite Yanos to participate as a lecturer in ACWA Power Leadership Workshop for our future leaders. Both the participants and the Management were impressed about his deep management and leadership knowledge, that together with its unique communication style build up an excellent learning experience for any middle manager in-transition to leadership positions"
Alberto Gil García
/Senior Project Manager Wind, Statkraft