ESG Case Studies

ESG Case Studies

ESG Integration into Regulated Gas Transmission Company

As the chair of the 11-strong board of DESFA, the newly privatised, but still regulated Gas Transmission company in Greece, Yanos  led improvements on many ESG fronts.

As well as the board of directors, Yanos managed a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders, including private European and local shareholders, the Government (that maintains a minority shareholding), the Regulator, powerful customers and suppliers, JV partners and unions.

ESA Transformation

DESFA is actively participating in the energy transition and supporting the country’s decarbonation efforts.

For instance, on top of the development of various capital-intensive infrastructure projects exceeding €800M, DESFA is pioneering the use of Hydrogen as a next generation fuel.

DESFA is also undergoing a major internal transformation from a public to a private enterprise, and from a local business model to international.

It has launched several employee initiatives, implemented several internal policies (on compliance, ethics, diversity etc.) and engagement with local communities. DESFA pro-actively managed the recent Covid-19 crisis, supporting national efforts with donations of funds, medical equipment, and several CSR initiatives.

Yanos also personally led efforts to professionalize corporate governance, by launching a board effectiveness review (conducted by an external consultant) that identified 11 areas for improvement that are currently being actions and implemented.

Award Wins & International Recognition

DESFA has been awarded the “Best Energy Company” award in the biennial Greek Energy Forum awards, several HSE awards, and international recognition for their achievements.

Other Examples of ESG Initiatives:

Environment – As regional VP for Vestas Wind Systems, Yanos pioneered the energy transition in Greece, Cyprus and many emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

He worked with local governments, regulators, grid operators and other industry stakeholders, financial institutions, and expert technical consultants to develop appropriate regulatory frameworks that cultivated the development and implementation of new renewable energy projects.

Social – As regional general manager for Shell, Yanos led various health and safety initiatives, integrated them fully within the business and pioneered the establishment of a “Hearts & Minds” culture, winning several industry awards. In his last Shell role, he led a diverse team operating virtually across a vast region (Med, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa) and working across cultures and locations. He pioneered several business improvement initiatives such as supply chain optimisation, early adoption of digital solutions and virtual ways of working and continuous leadership development of his team.

Governance – As CEO of TrainOSE, the only railway operating company in Greece, Yanos strengthened corporate governance and achieved separation of the operating company from the infrastructure BU. He also worked with various internal (e.g. unions) and external (e.g. the Government, the EC etc.) stakeholders to launch a comprehensive change management programme addressing all performance aspects of the business that built a pathway towards a return to profitability and the company’s eventual privatisation.