Delivering a New ESG Corporate Agenda

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns are escalating across the world. 

Where once they were considered subsidiary to financial considerations which rewarded current needs above those of future generations, now countries and companies have shifted their stance, creating new pressures and tensions.

Arguably, nowhere is this more apparent than in the energy sector.

In recent years, as global populations have increased, demand for energy has risen to support burgeoning economic growth. But the energy industry is now needing to embrace a revitalised ESG agenda, and this includes tougher international regulation, such as the high-profile Net Zero targets being set by many countries.

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Why is ESG Now an Imperative?

Growing concerns about the rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are largely underpinning the “E” issues as evidence of climate change and the devastating impact of an increase in global temperatures is becoming more apparent. 

Mounting pressures from stakeholders and NGOs for faster action and more sustainable solutions from companies is helping to drive the so-called energy transition.

“G” issues, meanwhile, have been around for a while. 

The financial crash in 2008 proved to be the catalyst for a plethora of legislative pressures designed to improve corporate governance, integrity and compliance, especially for listed or regulated companies. 

But what we are also now seeing is how the pandemic has reinforced the importance of “S” attributes for corporate resilience tied-in with health and safety, diversity, employee engagement and loyalty, the resilience and integrity of supply chains and the agility of companies to adapt products and services (e.g using digital channels) as the crisis took hold. 

Managing Change

Navigating a sensible path through all this requires wisdom, adroitness, and sensitivity.

Managing complex change under enormous pressure is never easy, but our skilled and experienced team at Epiphany Enterprises can give you the support you need.

Our experience of managing change projects and a complex group of stakeholders is second to none (see case study/examples below).

We will support your efforts to develop, implement and communicate an integrated and sustainable strategy, as per your specific needs.

We will help you to use available tools to maximise profitability and achieve attractive returns for investors and shareholders, while taking into consideration the needs of your diverse stakeholder base.

To have an informal chat about your needs, please get in touch.

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ESG Testimonials

“Yanos has an extensive knowledge of both the energy sector in which DESFA operates, as well as of the best practices in corporate governance.

In his role as Chairman, he is contributing to the company’s and the shareholders’ efforts to lead the transformation from public to private and from local to an international business model.”
Mrs. Maria Rita Galli
“Yanos has demonstrated a high energy approach to guiding the board of DESFA towards increased levels of self- awareness on its strengths and weaknesses, identified actions to improve its functioning and delivers on these actions step by step.

He has brought his experience as an executive combined with a thorough understanding of the functioning of a board to the table to make this happen. It has been a true pleasure working with Yanos on the board of DESFA”.
Erik Vennekens
/ Chief Digital Officer Fluxys (DSFA shareholder)